It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to:

  • Print and complete an application and submit with required documentation.
  • Meet with the Disability Support Services Coordinator to discuss accommodation needs, review procedures, and obtain an accommodation memo (used to access accommodations).
  • Introduce themselves to the instructor of the class or classes where accommodations are needed, show the instructor the accommodation memo, and discuss the implementation of accommodations.
  • For testing accommodations:
    • Make arrangements with the instructor for testing accommodation a week in advance of the test date.
    • Make arrangements with Testing Services for testing accommodations a week in advance.
  • For note taking assistance:
    • Ask the instructor for copies of his or her notes. If not available, ask the instructor to assist in discreetly identifying a classmate who is a competent note taker willing to share notes.
  • For attendance policy modification:
  • See the Director of Disability Support Services promptly if problems arise accessing accommodations.

It is the responsibility of the DIRECTOR of DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES to:

  • Assess the validity of the documentation provided by the student.
  • Consult with the student about the nature of the accommodations.
  • Prepare an accommodation memo.
  • Serve as liaison between students with disabilities and their instructors and administrators as appropriate.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.