What We Do

The Center for Professional Excellence (CPE) assists students in building the attitudes and skills that will enable them to be effective professionals in whatever career path they choose.  While at York College, students work to cultivate the behaviors needed for academic and professional success via the following avenues: 
Center for Professional Excellence Seminar
Campus Seminars: During each academic year, students participate in a range of professional development events to build their awareness of professionalism. A few of the CPE’s most impactful presentations include: 

-  Excelling at Your First Semester: Seven starting points for academic success.
-  Multitasking is a Myth: How to stay focused on your grades without sacrificing your social life.
-  Accepting Criticism Can Make You a Better Student: How to bounce back when you fall short.
York College of PA students
Classroom Experiences: Partnering with faculty, the CPE helps develop professionalism within specific majors and careers. We complement a department’s efforts by interweaving hands-on experiences within an academic curriculum. Sample offerings include: 

-  Mastering the Art of Small Talk: Conversation skills that work.
-  Presenting with Power: Presentation skills that deliver.
-  Building Your Personal Brand: Intentional ways to stand out from the crowd.

Student Workshops: Outside the classroom, we enhance a student’s educational experience at York College by elevating professionalism behaviors within the clubs, organizations and student-employment positions throughout campus. Popular workshops include: 

-  Unlocking the Personality Puzzle: Using the Myers-Briggs assessment to discover your strengths.
-  Moving from Good to Great: Simple steps you can take to become a professional.
-  Creating Memorable Impressions: How to inspire others through your appearance and presence.


Underpinning all our efforts is our National Professional Poll. Through our research, we’ve identified the key professionalism components that span across industries and occupations. We use this research to help ensure that York College students are at the forefront when it comes to being the first choice of employers based upon their academic and professional preparation.