For Parents

We at the Career Development Center recognize that parents' support is extremely important during their student’s career development and search for internships, employment and other opportunities.

Visit our "For Students and Alumni" page to learn more about the services available to your student. On our "For Employers" page, you can find how to hire a Spartan, help us build relationships with employers, or get involved in other Career Development Center events.


There are many experiences, ideas, tools, resources, programs, activities and services that constitute your student's college experience. Encourage your student to get involved with the Career Development Center. It’s never too early to start!


Five steps to help your student achieve success at York College:

1. Remind your student to take an active role in the process of making career decisions. 

2. Emphasize the importance and value of internship experience.

3. Encourage co-curricular involvement.

4. Advise students to develop and update their resume as they go through college.

5. Teach the value of networking.


Each student should develop a personalized Plan to Succeed for their academic career. Use this resource to see what your student may choose to include in his/her plan as well as when to implement each step.