Your Academic Advisor

All York College students are paired with an academic advisor based upon the major they have selected. Undeclared students work directly with professional advisors in the Academic Services Division.  Guided by the work of their academic advisor, students are empowered to create academic, career and professional plans that are both intentional and coherent.

Academic advisors recognize that advising, like teaching, is an integral part of the educational process.  It involves helping students develop a realistic self-perception and successfully transition to the College.  In their work, academic advisors encourage, respect, and assist students in establishing their academic and career goals and objectives.  Advisors seek to earn the confidence of their students and strive to honor students' expectations of academic advising and its importance in their lives.

To confirm your academic advisor assignment, you should log on to YCP Web, click on Student Services, and locate your transcript.  The name of your academic advisor will be listed on the top of your YCP Web transcript.

To confirm your academic advisor's specific office location, go to and click Faculty and Staff Directory.  Enter your advisors first and last name.  Your advisor's office location, email address and telephone number will be listed.  Many academic advisors may also have a webpage which may linked from the faculty listings on individual academic department webpages.  

Office hours for all faculty are posted on program cards located on individual office doors.

Students who have questions about their academic advisor assignment or wish to change their assignment should contact the Academic Advising Office located in Campbell Hall room 200.