Advisee & Advisor Responsibilities

The following guidelines will help clarify the responsibilities of the academic advisor and the advisee.

The Advisee Should 

The Academic Advisor Should

Contact and keep in touch with his or her academic advisor.

Post regular office hours and be consistently available during these published hours.

Make and keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.

Keep advising appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment.

Come prepared to the appointment with specific questions in mind regarding both short and long-range academic planning.

Provide accurate, current, and specific academic information about curriculum requirements and College policies and procedures.

Come prepared with necessary materials (pencil, schedule of classes, forms, etc.).

Have important resource materials on hand (College Catalog, Academic Advisor Manual, semester schedule of classes, evening and summer brochures).

Ask advisor about other sources of information on campus.

Suggest other sources of information on campus (Academic Advising Center, Career Development Center, Counseling Services, Center for Teaching and Learning, etc.).

Be open to the advisor's suggestions concerning academic progress, realistic educational and career goals, study habits, time management, etc.

Listen to and guide advisee in problem solving. 

Build a short and long-term academic plan.

Check advisee's schedule for appropriate selection of courses to maximize student academic success.

Build course schedule with a realistic credit load to maximize the possibility of academic success.

Suggest options and alternatives concerning careers, choice of major(s), and selection of courses.


Make the final decisions concerning career, choice of majors and selection of courses. All academic decisions are ultimately the advisee's responsibility.