Philosophy, Mission and Goals

Academic Advising at York College is designed to assist students in realizing their maximum educational goals in an ongoing process of academic growth and personal development. Such potential is best attained through the guidance of an academic mentor who guides the individual student to a greater understanding of the many possibilities an education can bring to expanding and enriching one's life.


At York College the faculty-based advising system offers students the opportunity to work with an individual faculty member in the student's major field of study. This advisor-advisee relationship is a vital connection that:

  • Links students to an academic advisor who will listen to the advisee's goals;
  • Monitor academic progress;
  • Offer suggestions in focusing and planning educational goals consistent with the student's abilities;
  • Approve course schedules;
  • Discuss academic preparation for career opportunities.


To attain their goals, students are encouraged to view advising as a process that begins with their initiative and extends to the advisor's assistance in guiding and expanding advisees' awareness of themselves and the world around them through positive experiences in the academic community.

To achieve these goals, advisors will:

  • Assist students in developing an education and career plan consistent with their educational requirements, life goals, and career objectives;

  • Encourage students to engage in career exploration by participating in externships, internships, and/or practica within their area of interest;

  • Meet with students to review their academic progress and scheduling requests in relation to the goals established in their plan of study;

  • Provide students with the referrals and support necessary to seek tutorial, writing, counseling or other appropriate assistance;

  • Assist students in developing their decision-making skills.