Back on Track (BOT) is an Academic Advising Center-sponsored program that is designed to help students who are on Academic Probation (i.e., students who did not meet the College's academic standard).  

The Back on Track program provides guidance and support to students experiencing academic difficulty. Students who do not meet the College’s academic standard are placed on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension. While on probation, students are limited to 13 credits per semester and are required to participate in Back on Track.

Students in Back on Track work collaboratively with their assigned mentors to identify obstacles, challenges, or deficiencies that interfered with their success. Together, mentors and students then develop a personalized academic plan to address factors hindering success and to work toward good academic standing. Mentors provide continued support and guidance to students throughout their participation in Back on Track.

When Back on Track requirements are completed, students are eligible to register for classes in the subsequent semester. The 13 credit limit remains in effect until grades are posted and academic standing is reviewed; students who achieve good academic standing can add additional credits.