York College, York Country Day School Represented at YWCA Triathlon

Several York College professors, a recent grad, and York Country Day employees participated in the YWCA 2014 Ladies' Sprint Triathlon, which was held on campus.

The York YWCA 2014 Ladies’ Sprint Triathlon, composed of a 500-meter serpentine swim, a 15-mile bike ride, and a 5K run, took place on June 29. More than 100 ladies participated in this event; those from York College included Drs. Mary Ligon, Cheryl Thompson, and Kathleen Halligan. Recent grad Amy Kunz ’14 and York Country Day School (YCDS) teachers Elizabeth Charleston (also a ’01 YCP graduate) and Marbie Tarburton also participated. Options such as the Super Spring, an extended bike ride of 24 miles and a duathlon, a 5K, 15-mile bike ride, and an additional 5K, were also offered.

YCP and YCDS competitors relied on various training methods to prepare for the triathlon, including the expected biking, swimming, and running, as well as yoga and soccer. Thompson, who first participated in 2012, said, “It was my first ever attempt and my goal was to finish. Immediately after I finished I set another goal to do another and improve my times.” She accomplished that this year, when her overall time was better than her 2012 triathlon. It was Ligon’s third time doing to the triathlon and she is happy with the results, saying, “both the event and the training have turned out to be wonderful. I’ve developed new interests, definitely improved my fitness level and have made new friends through this sport.”

In fact, training collaboratively was an important factor in many of these participants’ plans. Thompson spoke about training for the triathlon alongside Ligon and Halligan. Tarburton and Charleston also noted their efforts, playing together on a weekly soccer team and working out together in preparation for this triathlon, as well as other events such as half-marathons and local 5Ks. Charleston added, “I truly love the diversity of training for a triathlon, and the fact that the Y-tri is all women makes it a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. It’s challenging and competitive, but there’s a sense that ‘we’re all in it together!’”

- Emily Kuhl '15