York College Incubator Client is finalist for Governor’s ImPAct Award

MRG Labs, a grease analysis company based in York, has earned a spot as a finalist in Gov. Tom Corbett’s Governor’s ImPAct Awards program, designed to celebrate the companies and individuals who are investing in Pennsylvania and creating jobs. 

An incubated client company of York College of Pennsylvania’s J. D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, MRG Labs is a finalist for the “Entrepreneur ImPAct Award,” which is given to an entrepreneur who has led his or her company to a position of strength in the marketplace by way of growth in one or all of the following areas: creativity, innovation, managerial ability, leadership skills and turnaround. 

“MRG President Rich Wurzbach and his team are doing terrific work on our campus,” said Jeff Vermeulen, executive director of the Brown Center. “Whether they’re collaborating with our student interns, or working with a fellow incubator client company to 3D print innovative prototypes, they always seem to be doing something new.”

MRG Labs is the developer of the Grease Thief®, a patented device used to take and analyze small samples of grease from wind turbines, robots, bearings and gears. MRG Labs also provides equipment reliability training, and performs analysis on lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids and machine failure analysis.