Web-based Undergraduate Course Catalog

An online version of the Graduate Studies Catalog was made available on the website last year. On August 12, the College launched a similar web-based version of the Undergraduate Academic Catalog. These interactive tools will be the new format for both of our catalogs in the future. We will no longer create PDF versions as are currently available on the Registrar’s site.

These e-catalogs, in addition to reducing reliance on paper catalogs, offer York College the opportunity to deliver to current and prospective students a more frequently revised and updated course catalog. Registration information, programs of study details and course descriptions will be accessible via a database-driven content management system in both full size and mobile versions.

The e-catalogs offer the following interactive features:

  • User-friendly searching by subject and keyword
  • Tagging favorites to allow fast access to courses of interest
  • Sharing programs from the catalog with Facebook friends