Robotics’ Vehicle Ready for International Competition

For the fourth year, a team of senior engineering students will represent York College June 7-10 in an international robotics competition at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich.

The students will take part in the 21st annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) as a part of their senior design capstone project. The senior design capstone project challenges engineers in their final semesters of the program to take a real-world problem and design and test a solution.

“Before the competition, students must perform engineering analysis and design,” said Patrick Martin, Ph.D., an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at York College. “They are expected to document their work, much like professional engineers in the workplace.”

The competition involves a series of challenges that test the vehicles’ ability to navigate, communicate and avoid obstacles without any human interaction.

“The IGVC is the culmination of their work, so after the competition their main task is to educate the next set of capstone students about the challenges encountered during the project,” Martin added.

2012-2013 IGVC Team

  • Robert Bruder
  • Joey Maloney
  • Cody Feltch
  • Aaron Carteaux
  • Josh Heltzel
  • Tom Powell
  • Derrike Hill
  • Mike Shaffer
  • Daniel Bosenbark
  • Jade Emig
  • Ryan Glavin
  • Nolan Keim
  • Troy Billups