Student Develops App

A majority of college sophomores are either in the process of choosing a major or just starting to become comfortable in their chosen program. Daniel Mashuda '16, however, a sophomore in York College’s Computer Science program, has already developed an app available for purchase in the iTunes App Store

Mashuda’s interest in computer science started when he was in eighth grade. 

“I was curious how computers work the way they do,” he said.

At York, he’s starting to be able to answer that question, as well as learning other real-life applications.

"Most of the time when I am working on a lab or assignment, I can see how the concept can be applied in software development," Mashuda said.

Thus, in August, the “Funky Ghosts” app was released. It is a side-view shooting game in which the player must prevent the ghosts from flying from the right side of the screen to the left using a blaster that you control by tapping on the screen. There are currently 24 levels, and he plans to add more.

"Being at York has allowed me to really start investigating my interests within the field of Computer Science,” he added.