How we do things now

For those of you familiar with our former site design, here are some videos to show you how to navigate our new site.

Welcome to the new York College web site! has been completely redesigned. Why go through all of that? Because we've been hearing from you that you enjoy sites that are mobile-friendly (More than 35% of our users come here on a mobile device!), that you want more visuals, and that you don't want to click a million times to get to where you want to go.

Our solution is a mobile-first design. The "hamburger" menu icon in the top right? It's what you often see on mobile devices, and we've incorporated it across the board here. Click on it, and you'll see lots of options pop out, including the main navigation. You'll notice hundreds more visuals on our site than before, and consolidated sections so you don't need to go far. It's a brand new - consider this our day one.

Helpful Videos

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