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Hands-on learning
starts from day one, at York College.
A high-quality education emphasizing practical application.
From day one, Emily Vey felt prepared to become a successful nurse after graduation.
York College of Pennsylvania Winter Open House on February 3, 2018
Winter Open House
Winter Open House
Get to know York College at our February 3 Open House for seniors and transfers.
York College of Pennsylvania students walking near WPAC
The Value of York
The Value of York
All the academic and student life advantages, but with tuition that's $13,000 less than most PA private colleges. See the value York College offers you, starting with scholarships.
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Let us help you find your path.
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cutting-edge academic programs

Putting Your Ideas Into Action
Accounting at York College
Influencing a company’s financial future — accountants play a key role in the success of global enterprises.
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Post Master's Certificate
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Post Master's Certificate
Take a step toward a career in gerontology
York College business students
Advertising and Digital Marketing
In the modern business world, technology is constantly evolving as well as the methods necessary to reach consumers.
Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist
Use evidence to support changes in practice to improve patient outcomes
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Primary Care
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Primary Care
Provide care in ambulatory and long-term care settings
Making soap during a biology class at York College
Hands-on lab activities, conducting research, gathering field samples — just a typical semester for the always-active, always-involved Biological Sciences student.
Business students on the Willman Business Center deck at York College.
Business Administration
A jack-of-all-trades major with serious growth potential in business. Business Administration is your key to getting in a managerial position.
Business Analytics degree at York College
Business Analytics
Collecting and analyzing data to figure out how an organization can leverage the information to work smarter and more efficiently.
York College chemistry students working on a project
Improving. Creating. Uncovering. A degree in chemistry unlocks a wealth of career possibilities centered around problem-solving.
Civil Engineering degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Civil Engineering
A promising, rewarding career where you can do anything from designing a skyscraper to creating the design for a sports stadium or suspension bridge.
Computer Engineering at York College
Computer Engineering
Everything from electronic consumer products to computer hardware needs computer engineers to make it work — there’s job demand everywhere you look.
Computer science at York College
Computer Science
Blending the theoretical with the practical, you’ll be well-versed in the why and the how of computer science.
The York College Criminal Justice degree puts you on a path to become a police officer or a variety of crime and law careers.
Criminal Justice
Be a resourceful, technology-savvy problem solver with a strong understanding of how people think. It’s an attractive combination to enter a career in law enforcement, the judicial system, or corrections.
Cybersecurity Management
Cybersecurity Management
Explore the growing field of cyber security management, where criminology, criminal justice, and computer science meet.
Nurse Anesthetist intro
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Nurse Anesthetist)
Administer anesthesia and increase your career potential in this in-demand role.
Early Elementary Education
Shaping the future with compassionate, knowledgeable teachers — we approach teaching you the same way we want you to approach teaching elementary students.
Student teaching is a core part of the curriculum as an early elementary education/special education major at York College.
Early Elementary/Special Education
A teacher who can help young students flourish — especially those with special needs.
Economics tools
Get equipped with the necessary skills to understand economic developments within our industrialized society.
York College Master of Education Technology graduate school degree
Technology Specialization
Expand your capabilities with technology in the classroom with a degree program catered to your busy schedule.
York College Electrical Engineering degree for students interested in robotics, electrical systems, and more.
Electrical Engineering
Electronics-savvy improvisers, inventors, and builders — come help develop the next generation of consumer gadgets and utility services.
The York College engineering management degree in Pennsylvania
Engineering Management
Blend the problem-solving expertise of engineering with the business acumen of management in this compelling major
English degree at York College
English (Literary and Textual Studies)
Analyze. Critique. Explore. Create. At York College, English majors experience our written and spoken language from all angles.
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
From your very first semester at York College, you'll begin developing a business. Innovators welcome.
Students in the NASDAQ Trading Lab York College
Go beyond the numbers to learn how to make sound financial decisions, from the stock market to financial planning.
Professor Clay-Robison demonstrates a technique to fine art students at York College
Fine Art
Challenging. Fulfilling. Boundless. Use a degree in fine arts to explore your potential as a professional artist.
Analyzing a blood splatter for a forensic science class at York College.
Forensic Chemistry
So much more than "CSI," a career in Forensic Chemistry puts you in real-life situations gathering evidence, working with medical examiners and analyzing data to work in some of the most exciting industries.
Graphic Design Typography with Logo
Graphic Design
Posters. Publications. Websites. Animation. Unlimited ways for you to make your mark.
History professor Peter Levy with York College students
Study the past to understand the future. History majors are among the best at analyzing, critical thinking, and seeing connections — all valuable job skills.
Hospitality Management - Food Lab
Hospitality Management
York College's location in the heart of Pennsylvania's tourist area sets our innovative Hospitality Management major apart.
Human Resource Management
Enhance your leadership capabilities and people skills by concentrating in human resource management.
Behavioral Sciences chair Mary Ligon,a  gerontologist, works with seniors and York students on an iPad project.
Human Services
If helping others is at the core of everything you want out of a career, a degree in human services is the perfect choice - and at York College, you'll get your chance to help people early and often.
Students work on computers during a class on main campus.
Information Technology Management
Transform your interest in working with computers into a career with vast potential.
Intelligence analysis majors get to study how surveillance and data analysis affects national security
Intelligence Analysis
Dive into the growing field of intelligence analysis, where international relations, foreign policy, and national security intertwine.
International Business
International Business
Make an impact on the global marketplace with a degree in International Business.
Postcards from around the world near the International Relations program at York College
International Relations
Taking on the idea of globalization head on, with life-changing study abroad experiences at your fingertips.
York College Enactus club
Leadership and Organizational Dynamics
Be prepared to address complex organizational issues and lead a team with a business concentration in leadership and organizational dynamics.
Students taking notes during a business class at York College
Analyze and research markets, help launch and price products and develop promotional campaigns.
A tour of WVYC radio station at York College
Mass Communications
If you like learning by doing — getting on air, producing segments, writing news copy— you’ve found the right place.
Accounting at York College
Master of Accounting
Prepare yourself to become a top accounting professional.
A Master of Education degree at York College prepares you to be a K-12 principal
Master of Education
Our graduate students apply their new skills and knowledge in their schools and classrooms right away!
York College of Pennsylvania mathematics degree
If you’re looking for a career that requires you to be thoughtful, creative and analytical, then you’ll find just what you want in the field of Mathematics. Clear thinking and problem-solving agility will be indispensable assets.
The York College MBA program
Master of Business Administration
Surround yourself with growing professionals and driven community leaders in a program that is devoted to meeting your career goals right away.
A York College mechanical engineering student works on a Formula One car
Mechanical Engineering
From day one, you'll be doing hands-on projects. Seeing your ideas come to life is just part of the program.
Emily Zelger, a Medical Lab Science major at York College, at the York Hospital Microbiology Lab.
Medical Laboratory Science
Earn a degree that can allow you to work anywhere in the world. Use your clinical science knowledge and hands-on experience to change the way we see medicine.
Middle level education degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Middle Level Education
Specialize in one of four content areas in this major for future teachers in grades 4-8
Middle Level/Special Education degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Middle Level/Special Education
Pushing growing middle school students to excel, including those with special needs.
Music Industry/Recording Technology (B.S.)
Music production, business, and promotion at your fingertips, from working on a student record company to multi-track audio production technique.
General Music Education majors can go on to teach K-12 music classes, conduct student choirs and bands, and more.
Music Education, K-12 (B.S.)
Help the next generation fall in love with music just like you did, with student teaching experience and a full range of vocal, instrumental, and general music knowledge at your disposal.
French Horn played during a York College music concert
Music (B.A.)
Accelerate your passion for music. Challenge yourself through strong music studies emphasizing performance, within the context of a liberal arts curriculum.
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Get involved in a sought-after career where you’ll help prepare radioactive medicine and use specialized instrumentation to improve the health of others.
Nursing Educator graduate program at York College of Pennsylvania
Nurse Educator
Develop and lead educational programs for hospital nursing staff, schools of nursing, and more.
Simulation lab at York College of Pennsylvania's nursing program in Diehl Hall
Cultivate your spirit for helping those in need through York College’s Nursing major. We challenge our nursing students to improve current methods of practice while working in state-of-the-art labs and learning through hands-on experience.
York College Philosophy degree
Anyone can ask “Why?” But philosophy majors can respond with clear viewpoints, sound arguments, plus the ability to handle complex decision-making. It’s no wonder employers seek out philosophy graduates.
State Rep. Seth Grove talks with York College political science and public relations students in 2014
Political Science
A foundation for informed citizenship and political literacy. A platform for advancing your career — no matter where you want to take it.
Professional writing degree at York College
Professional Writing
Aspiring writers who want to put writing skills to work
York College psychology students volunteering in the community.
Prepare for a career in helping others by studying human behavior and thinking. Take advantage of intensive study in a program that emphasizes student-driven research.
Public relations student Tiffany R. studying for a communications exam at York College
Public Relations
Be the powerful communicator who tells the story of a company or organization that makes the world take notice.
Learning to use machines for X-rays, MRIs and more is part of being a radiography major at York College
From entry level jobs to advanced positions, radiography represents a huge opportunity to get involved in diagnostic medicine.
The Spartapalooza crew showing off the sign for the 2015 event, hosted by recreation and leisure students.
Recreation and Leisure Administration
Helping individuals, families and organizations make the most of time away from work
Respiratory care at York College of Pennsylvania
Respiratory Care
Respiratory Care practitioners are active in patient care. With a physician’s supervision, you’ll be at the heart of diagnosis, treatment, management, and preventative care in patients with cardiopulmonary problems.
RN to BS students review course materials.
RN to BS in Nursing
Take your career to the next level. Our program is designed for Registered Nurses who want to pursue their bachelor’s in science through York College’s affordable part-time or full-time program.
Get a solid foundation in biology to go with extensive classroom teaching experience as a secondary education biology major.
Secondary Education Biology
Get active right away in a major that explores science as a student and as an educator.
Secondary Education English degree at York College
Secondary Education English
Be a transformative force in the life of adolescent writers
Hands-on class activity in a York College science lab
Secondary Education General Science
Get active right away in a major that explores science as a student and as an educator.
Secondary Education Math degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Secondary Education Mathematics
The partnership of a strong teaching technique base with a thorough knowledge of mathematics theory.
Secondary Education Social Studies degree at York College
Secondary Education Social Studies
Challenge yourself to think on a global scale — and have your students do likewise.
Social Enterprise and Not-for-Profit Management
Find meaningful ways to serve others and make a difference while making a living.
Sociology degree at York College of Pennsylvania
Discover how social forces shape human behavior — and how you can turn that commitment to understand the challenges of society into a career helping others.
Spanish education at York College of Pennsylvania
Spanish Education
Vive inmerso en la cultura hispana mientras te preparas para una carrera como maestro de español
Spanish flags
Alcanza un nivel alto de proficiencia, tanto en el idioma español como en la cultura hispana.
Sport Management Student Association at York College Spring 2016
Sport Management
Realize your dream of a career in the world of sports
Supply Chain Operations Management degree at York College of Pennsylania
Supply Chain Operations Management
York College's proximity to major manufacturers makes us a prime location to study supply chain operations — it’s in our backyard.
Musical Theatre Minor
Study, grow and play with a premiere 705-seat performing arts venue as your main playground.
January 16
Myers and Reich Named to the Bevo Francis Watch List
Myers and Reich have powered the Spartans to a record of 15-0 overall as York is ranked 4th in the most recent national poll. The 15 straight wins is a school record, breaking the previous mark of 14 set during the 2004-05 season.
Chaz Maviyane-Davies: Creative Defiance
9am – 9pm WOLF 201 A Brossman Exhibit Hall
Kate Kretz: Common Denominator
9am – 9pm WOLF 201 B Cora Miller Exhibit Hall
Engineering and Computer Science Day
10am – 3pm STU 212 Buechel Lounge, STU 112 Johnson Dining Hall, PAC 250 CPAC Theatre, PAC First Floor Lobby, PAC Second Floor Lobby
Visionaries: Thornton Dial, Purvis Young
Mar 3, 2018, 5pm Marketview Arts Studio
Odin Rathnam, Violin
7:30 – 9pm WOLF 204 DeMeester Recital Hall
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