Club Sports

Did you play sports in high school? Do you still have the desire to compete? If so, York College Club Sports might be exactly what you are looking for - the ability to compete against outside competition (local clubs, other college and universities, etc) without the time demands of a varsity sports team. We offer a variety of Club Sport teams, each varying in their level of competition and intensity. These student-run organizations provide a great opportunity for members to enhance their leadership skills, responsibility, and teamwork.

Dance team in MP room Womens Rugby in scrum           ‌     

For more information on the Club Sport program, contact Matt Day, Associate Director of Athletics & Recreation, at or see the list below for contact information for the specific sports.

Club Sport

Contact Name

Contact Email


Mike Krouse
Collin Ruby


Corinne Ross
Shelby Bariana
Kristin Fontana


Narissa Jones
Christina Robinson


Matt Ernst
Craig Guldin 

Indoor Climbing

Alex Olander
Cody Shaner

Men's Lacrosse

Nicholas Poland
Matt Mallen

Women's Lacrosse

Dani Robbins
Rebecca Culver

Men's Rugby

Nathaniel Sievers
Ryan Nadachowski

Women's Rugby

Heather Adamsky
Maria Moran


Anne Zerull
Casey Hollopeter

Men's Volleyball

Austin Folkenroth
Neil Helsel