Credit Validation

York College Transfer Credit Policy

Students who have completed courses at other regionally accredited colleges are welcome to apply to receive transfer credit at York College. In accordance with AACRO (American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers) guidelines, transfer credits will be awarded to provide advanced standing to transfer students for courses in which a C or better grade is earned, and which are comparable and appropriate to the academic programs and general education requirements of York College.

York College carefully evaluates transfer credits from colleges which have not achieved regional accreditation status. In cases where a college has applied for and achieved official candidate institution status, credit appropriate to the degree programs of York College will be awarded following the successful completion of a full time (12 credit minimum) semester at York College. For students applying to York College with credits from non-regionally accredited and non-candidate institutions, the College will offer credit for those appropriate experiences which can be validated by York College challenge examinations or through standardized external testing, (e.g. CLEP, ACT/PEP, etc.). In view of the College's special mission seeking to address the higher education aspirations of members of the York County community, applicants from non-regionally accredited institutions in York County may apply for special credit validation testing or portfolio review. Special arrangements and the fees for such review will be arranged with the cooperation of the sending institution.

Credit Validation Process

Upon admission to York College, applicants from non-regionally accredited and non-candidate institutions may request a review of their transcript for credit validation purposes. The advising staff will evaluate the nature of the credits earned at the sending institution and make recommendations regarding the appropriate credit validation procedures for each student.

Standardized external testing using the Collegiate Level Examination Program will be used whenever possible to validate credit. The Registrar's Office or the Adult Learner Center will provide the student with information regarding CLEP registration, fees, and test schedules. Internal credit evaluation will be arranged through the York College Credit by Examination Program (CEP) for those courses or educational experiences which cannot be validated through CLEP examinations. The application materials for these examinations are available in each department office and qualified students who wish to validate their credits in this way will be referred to the appropriate department chairperson. Fees for York College credit by examinations will be waived for applicants from non-accredited institutions in York County who use these exams to validate previous educational experiences.