Spring on the York College campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we hear from prospective students and parents. If your question didn't make the list, send an email to admissions@ycp.edu and we'll get you the answer!

  • What type of school is York College?

    York College is a 4-year, mid-size, private college that blends a liberal arts foundation with experiential learning and unique professional training to produce graduates that are ready for today’s competitive careers.

  • Am I a good candidate for admission?

    Admission is based on high school performance and SAT (Critical Reading and Math scores only) or ACT scores, as well as the personal character and qualities of the applicant. Typically, the middle 50% of our students fall between 970-1140 SAT, or 20-25 ACT and have between a 3.1 and a 3.9 high school GPA. Certain programs have higher requirements.

    • Nursing–minimum 1040 SAT or 22 ACT with 3.4 GPA
    • Engineering–minimum Math SAT 600 or Math ACT 26
    • Engineering Management–minimum Math SAT 570 or Math ACT 25
    • Forensic Chemistry–minimum Math SAT 540 or Math ACT 23
  • What high school courses are required to attend York?

    Prospective Spartans high school curriculum should include a minimum of the following units: four in English, three in social studies, three in academic math (including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry), three in laboratory science and two in foreign languages.

  • What is your application deadline?

    York College works under "rolling admissions" and processes applications as they are received by the Admissions Office, beginning October 1.

  • How much does York cost?

    York College costs less than you think. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the cost for tuition, fees, and room and board was $28,400. In addition, 98% of our students receive financial aid, with the average student receiving more than 30%.

  • Does York offer scholarships?

    Yes! York offers scholarships to the majority of students. For 2016-2017 Academic Year, these ranged from $4,000-$40,000 for four years.

  • What other kinds of financial aid are available?

    York offers need-based grants, federal PELL grants, Pennsylvania state grants (PHEAA), as well as federal student loans. We strongly encourage students to begin scholarship searches early in their junior year of high school as many organizations have early deadlines.

  • How much is Out-of-State tuition?

    York College is a private institution. This means, whether you live in the state of Pennsylvania or live in Maryland or even California, tuition is the same for all students.

  • How many students attend York College?

    York College has approximately 4,400 full-time undergraduate students.

  • What is the average class size?

    The average class size is 19 students. York College does not offer classes with more than 40 students.

    The ratio of students to faculty is approximately 16 to 1. 84% of York College faculty currently hold doctorates or terminal degrees.

  • Is it necessary for a freshman to declare a major upon entering York College?

    While many first year students will select a program of study, undeclared is the largest major for incoming students at York College. Students that enter YCP as "Undeclared" are part of the Explore 360 program. Explore 360 matches each "Undeclared" student with an Academic Advisor and a Peer Advisor. The Advisors support each student on a guided journey of exploration. This personalized connection and meaningful interaction makes York College distinct.

  • Are there opportunities to study abroad during my four years at York?

    Each year more and more York students are realizing the benefits of studying in a setting apart from the United States. Presently, York College has affiliations with programs in 15 countries, however students are able to study abroad virtually anywhere in the world and are not limited to a specific list programs. There are regularly scheduled information sessions which help students get started in the process and a Global Education Fair each fall. Opportunities include: Short Term, Summer, Semester and Full-Year Programs. This allows every interested student to participate in a Study Abroad Program.

  • Is there a residency requirement?

    York College is a four-year residential program. Students with a permanent address within 35 miles of campus are required to live on campus.

    College housing includes traditional style residence halls, suites, apartments and college-owned homes on the perimeter of campus.

  • Can freshmen have cars on campus?

    Yes! Campus Safety issues parking permits for a fee each academic year.

  • Are drugs and alcohol a problem at York College?

    York College is a “dry campus”, no alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on campus. This policy is regulated through the resident assistants in each housing facility, and enforced by the Department of Campus Safety.  There is one upper-classman housing facility which allows those students who are 21 or over to possess a certain quantity of alcohol.