Bridge to Results

At York College, we believe “Results Matter”—and the most important result is your academic and professional achievement. We are confident you have the potential to flourish on our campus and we are committed to providing you with every opportunity to succeed. We hope you will choose York as the place where you will live, learn, and prepare for success!


Highlights of Bridge to Results


• If you enroll in Bridge to Results, you’ll arrive on campus five weeks earlier than most other students; giving you the chance to get to know the York College campus, community and its services well;

• You will enroll in two classes that will help you earn 7 credits toward your graduation. Completing them before the regular semester begins opens up your fall semester for other courses you can choose with the help of an advisor, giving you more opportunities to explore courses in your chosen or prospective major;

• You will meet regularly with peer mentors and be enrolled in a small group workshop course that will give you extra time with a professor and peer tutors to enhance your communications skills—an important key to academic and professional success.

• You will participate in a series of enrichment activities here on campus and in the York area that will introduce you to the wonderful aspects of both, giving you the chance to form a group of friends before the rest of our incoming class arrives—and making you a potential leader among our first-year class.

• You’ll receive advanced academic advising assistance that can help you select or confirm your major and plan the courses you need to take—and those that most interest you. If you have a major chosen, we’ll help you plan your path; if you’re undeclared, we’ll help you develop ways to learn where your interests might take you!


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bridge to Results.



Bridge to Results is a highly selective invitation only program. If you received a letter to participate in Bridge to Results and would like to register, please do so by completing the registration form. Once you submit your application, someone from the Academic Services Division at York College will contact you. For timely planning, we must receive your confirmation on or before June 1, 2014.  Space in the Bridge to Results program is limited to 40 students.