RN to MS in Nursing

This curriculum plan is for Registered Nurses who desire a master’s degree but do not have a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

It combines elements of the BS program for RNs with the master’s program and streamlines progression toward the master’s degree. RNs will apply to the MS option after completing a majority of the coursework required for the BS.

If accepted, RN to MS students enter the MS program as undergraduate seniors, having earned at least 120 credits (transfers included) including all baccalaureate-level work. Forty-one additional credits are required for a Master of Science degree.

Upon completion of the undergraduate common core/ADR courses (32 credits), electives (12 credits), undergraduate support courses (28 credits), nursing transition courses (35 credits), required nursing courses (17 credits), and the bachelor’s/master’s overlap courses (3 credits), students will be awarded the baccalaureate degree with a major in Nursing. A total of 122 credits are required for the BS degree. If you are an RN to MS student, you need 122 credits to receive the BS.