Anwar Ross '10

Anwar Ross '10

Anwar Ross ’10 (Brookville, N.Y.) is currently serving as an exchange officer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Camberley, England.

After York College, Anwar graduated at the top of his class in an officer training program for the U.S. Army. Because of his high marks, he was able to take an assignment as an exchange officer with the British Army.

“I serve the U.S. Army by extending and furthering the relationships between our two nations,” he said. “I am here to provide additional understanding for how our forces can work successfully together on future operations.”

While at York College, Anwar had two internships – the first with Tyco Electronics as a product engineer and the second with Komax Solar, where he worked under design engineering and product management. Through these internships, Anwar, a mechanical engineering grad, gained the time management and customer relations skills that he believes help him with his daily work tasks.

“I have high priority assignments (which often have short deadlines) and am constantly given new tasks before others were completed,” he explained. “My internships helped improve my ability to prioritize and time manage.”

During his time at YCP, Anwar had many memorable professors that pushed him to become a better student and professional.

“Two of my favorite engineering professors were Drs. James Kearns and Greg Link,” he said. “Even though they weren’t teaching in my major, both put in extra time with me to ensure I understood the material. They never made me feel uncomfortable when asking for help.”

Anwar would have never expected his degree would lead him to the United Kingdom, but he is grateful that he was prepared.

“The challenges and skills gained at York College leave you with confidence and ability to tackle whatever life throws at you,” he added.

By Alaina Agnew '13, Office of Communications intern

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