Bryan Eigenbrodt '06

Bryan Eigenbrodt '06

Bryan C. Eigenbrodt ’06, Ph.D. (Centerville, Ohio) was awarded a National Research Council post-doctoral fellowship to conduct research focusing in the area of alternative energy in the Air Force research Laboratory at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

As a chemistry major at YCP, Bryan had great inspiration from a handful of his professors who guided him to a bright future. Keith Peterman, Ph.D., and William Steel, Ph.D., motivated him to pursue graduate school, while the techniques and skills that he learned from Gregory Foy, Ph.D., have helped him with his research. In addition, James Foresman, Ph.D., taught him that there are no questions not worth answering.

Another great moment in Bryan’s career was having his research featured on the cover of The Journal of Physical Chemistry. “The skills and knowledge I gained during my time at YCP have helped me greatly in my career, and I am sure it will help me down the road,” said Bryan.

Upon finishing his bachelor’s at YCP, Bryan went on to obtain his doctorate in chemistry from the University of Maryland. “My graduate research focused on correlating electrochemical performance of solid oxide fuel cells to specific chemical reactions happening in these devices during operation,” he said. “This research allows me to investigate and observe material properties, chemical processes and characterization of species that can lead to failure of these systems at temperatures.”

During his junior year at YCP, Bryan completed an internship at Adhesives Research where he conducted research in their medical division. “Having this internship provided me with tools necessary to rely on the knowledge that I learned at York, and the courage to be able to take on and adapt to different situations,” said Bryan.

Chemistry is a very competitive field and can sometimes raise doubts in a younger person’s mind. “The time that I spent at YCP I will never forget,” he added. “My advice for students graduating in chemistry is to never think that you are not good enough or smart enough to obtain your dreams and life goals.”

While at YCP, Bryan met his fiancée Melissa Ellis ’06. YCP has meant so much to both of them that they will return in Fall 2012 to get married at Brougher Chapel.

By Megan Davitt '12, Office of Communications intern

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