Mindy Shearer '07

Mindy Shearer '07

For Mindy Shearer '07, finding a job she loved was not a possibility, but a goal necessary to reach.

Mindy currently works as a chemical technician at PPL Corporation where she monitors the chemistry of the river water before, during, and after it is boiled in the coal-fired boilers to produce steam.

“I also perform environmental sampling, quality control analysis of scrubber byproducts, and oversee the wastewater treatment process,” she said.

She feels that her greatest accomplishment thus far is finding a job that is rewarding and that she can foresee becoming a career.

“Most of my previous positions were not as challenging and rewarding as I anticipated, but I kept searching and finally found a job that was right for me,” said Mindy.

Previously, she worked as a manufacturing engineer and a lab technician. Her internship during her time at York College led to this series of jobs and where she is now.

“I interned with Harley-Davidson in the summer of 2006,” Mindy said. “I worked in the electroplating department, which included nickel-chrome and zinc processes. I received on-the-job knowledge of inorganic chemistry, along with engineering knowledge of problem-solving techniques used in a manufacturing environment.”

This internship, along with her classes in analytical chemistry with Greg Foy, Ph.D., and inorganic chemistry with Keith Peterman, Ph.D., helped her to realize she was looking for a job that would showcase all of her skills.

“YCP has provided me with lots of skills that I use every day in my job,” Mindy said. “From the basics such as time management and organizational skills, to discipline-specific skills such as laboratory safety and technique, not a day goes by that I don’t use the skills obtained from my college years.”

She believes current students in the chemistry major or simply students at YCP, should pay close attention to the likes and dislikes in their chosen major.

“Be aware that once you graduate, you will need to know in what direction you want to go,” she said. “It’s okay to be picky. The job market is tough right now, but I believe that if you persevere and keep looking for the perfect position, you will find it!”

By Leah Pekofsky '13, Office of Communications intern

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