Kyle Waite '10

Kyle Waite '10

Kyle Waite ’10 (North Bethesda, Md.) cares for the nation’s wounded warriors as a naval officer.

Kyle, a nursing major, began working for the Central Resource Team at York Hospital as a clinical nurse immediately following graduation from York College.

“I worked on a step-down intensive care unit, orthopedic-neurological, and telemetry floors for a year and a half, gaining valuable experience and insight before applying and joining the United States Navy,” he said.

Kyle was commissioned into the United States Naval Nurse Corps in August 2012. He attended Officer Development School in Newport, R.I., in September and is now stationed as a registered nurse at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda.

"I completed the Clinical Nurse Transition program in January,” he said. “The program allowed me to work with the nation’s wounded warriors on the Wounded Warrior ward, the Medical Intensive Care unit and in the Emergency department. In January, I began working on the Post-Anesthesia Care unit where I will be working for the next several years.”

While at York College, Kyle was a nursing assistant for the Central Resource Team at York Hospital.

“Holding this position aided me in recognizing some of the disease processes, stages of diseases and the affects of medication discussed in my nursing classes,” he said.

Julie Beck, D. Ed., RN, CNE, is an inspiration to Kyle because she encouraged him to fulfill his greatest potential.

“You can tell she cares about nursing and the success of her students,” he said. “After
I graduated, I maintained contact with her because she was curious about how York College prepared me for my career.”

Kyle believes the intensity of the Nursing program prepared him well for the “real world.” His skills and knowledge base have enabled him to not only overcome the challenges of transitioning to different floors while at York Hospital, but also adjust to Navy life.

“You never know where life will take you, so it is always best to prepare for the most challenging situations out there,” he added.

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