Susan Walker '00

Susan Walker '00

Susan Walker ’00, RN, DrNP, (Cinnaminson, N.J.), a clinical nurse education specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Pennsylvania Hospital, recently became certified in nursing professional development.

“I am able to foster the art and science of nursing, promote the image and professional status of nursing staff development, encourage and support nursing research and application in practice, and provide a platform for nurses to discuss issues and make decisions related to the continuing evolution of the field,” she said.

In Susan’s position at the hospital, she functions as the nurse residency coordinator and facilitates the new graduate’s transition from an entry level, advanced beginner nurse to a competent professional nurse.

“As a result of the program, nurses are supported as they develop effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance, provided clinical leadership at the point of patient care and incorporate research-based evidence into practice,” she said.  

Because Susan’s career has been very versatile, she has been able to “do what she loves and still raise a family.”

It was York College’s academic rigor as an undergraduate that prepared her for her evolving career and developed her intellectual curiosity.

“Graduate programs look for applicants who are intellectually curious and passionate about their field,” she recalled.

While at York, she was exposed to new many people, places and ideas in nursing.

True learning happens both inside and outside of the classroom,” she added. “York College is definitely a great foundation for a solid future in nursing!”

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