Stacy Gavornik '09

Stacy Gavornik '09

Stacy Gavornik ’09 (New York City, N.Y.) works at New York University-Langone Medical Center as a senior staff nurse, and during last year’s Hurricane Irene, her hospital was ordered to evacuate because it was located on a flood plain.

“Every single patient was evacuated to other hospitals across the tri-state area; all except six patients who were too unstable to move,” Stacy said. “These six patients were from the Intensive Care Unit. Several nurses, myself included, volunteered to stay behind to care for these patients while the hurricane passed over the area.”

Of the 36 hours the group spent waiting out the storm in the hospital, she worked 26.

“I will never forget how eerie it was to walk through an empty hospital that is usually bursting at the seams with patients, family members, doctors and nurses,” she said. “I felt proud to have stayed and privileged to be a part of history.”

(Check out the full story on CNN Health.)

Stacy has only been a registered nurse for two years, but has learned how to treat intensive care patients and use the technology that sustains them. She now helps student nurses to understand and learn about this technology as well. Her time at York College gave her the foundation she needed for the work she is doing now at the medical center.

“The nursing professors at YCP held each nursing student to an incredibly high standard,” she said. “They expected nothing but the best effort put forth and promised in return that it would be worth it. This absolutely holds true. There have been times that I felt like I was being pushed past my level of comfort and ability, but it taught me never to give up or underestimate my ability to learn and grow.”

By Leah Pekofsky '13, Office of Communications intern

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