Emily Cooper '07

Emily Cooper '07


For Emily Cooper ’07, the everyday accomplishments at her job are what keep her coming back for more. As a clinical nurse specialist (CNS) at York Hospital, her primary focus is improving patient outcomes, and she specifically works with cardiothoracic and vascular surgery patients.

“I act in many roles to accomplish this, including as a consultant,” Emily said. “Knowing that I helped a complex patient be discharged from the hospital safely, successfully guided a nurse through understanding a new concept, or put evidence into practice, are the most rewarding accomplishments.”

Cooper attended YCP for her undergraduate and master’s degrees and was an intern in the critical care unit of Memorial Hospital during her time as an undergraduate.

“It also helped me to be able to work in York Hospital’s open heart intensive care unit right out of college,” she said. 

At YCP, her most memorable professor was Joan Davenport, Ph.D. According to Emily, she was able to explain complex pathophysiology topics in a way that made them understandable. 

“I can remember her crashing around the room during one class as she demonstrated turbulent blood flow!” she said.

Her classes at YCP helped her transition into her new job at the hospital as well.

“When I started my CNS role, I literally was a staff nurse one week and an advanced practice nurse the next,” she said. “The position I took had been open for several years, so there was no one to tell me what I needed to do. The CNS program at York allowed me to know what directions to take to get started.”

Emily is happy to talk to any nursing students at YCP about her job experience, and gives this advice and encouragement:

“Nursing is a career that you can keep for a lifetime,” she said. “There are so many facets to it. You can always change which population you care for or which role you are in if you are looking for something different. I love what I am doing!”

By Leah Pekofsky '13, Office of Communications intern

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