Chris White '07

Chris White '07

Chris White ’07 (Atlanta, Ga.) has experienced success through his job as tournament director of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). York College and his professors, in particular Tim Newman, Ph.D., prepared him for the “real world.”

“Dr. Newman did a good job explaining to us the big picture and prepared us for life after college in his classes,” he said. “While many of his tactics at the time seemed extreme or unnecessary, every one of them was beneficial and preparatory for when I began my career.”

Getting started in his field was a challenge at first for Chris, but his time at YCP helped him realize that he just needed to work a little harder and gain some experience.

“Instead of questioning my ability and moving on to new aspirations, I challenged myself to earn employers’ respect,” he said.

After a couple months of furthering his experience and knowledge, he was presented with a full-time opportunity at AJGA.

“That extra effort and mentality came directly from YCP, the sport management program, and most of all, Dr. Newman,” he said.

Networking was also a huge part of how Chris was able to find his position and is what he suggests to current sport management majors.

“You must network and you must maintain your network,” he said. “Once you have made connections with people, find ways to stay in touch with them and continue the relationship. You will be surprised how small the world of sport is, and more often than not, who you know can play a very big role in finding the right opportunities.”

He also reminds students not to take their time at YCP for granted.

“Have fun, but get as much experience as you can,” he added. “Volunteer, get involved, and find things that you can do because they are out there. They all matter, and they will help you as you try and get your foot in the door of the professional world.”

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