Brooke (Laur) Murphy ’11

Brooke (Laur) Murphy ’11

Brooke (Laur) Murphy ’11 (Westminster, Md.) always wanted to be a wedding coordinator; she had a fascination with weddings and planning events. As an undergrad at York, she began studying special event planning in the recreation and leisure administration major to help fulfill that dream.

She completed her major’s required direct field experience at the Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel in Maryland, where she was a special events intern working with weddings.

“All along, I thought I wanted to be a wedding coordinator, but through this experience, I realized that this aspect of special events was just not for me,” Brooke said.

Her professor, Julie Saville, Ph.D., encouraged her to not settle and to keep searching for whatever it was that she wanted to do with her career.

“She always wanted me give everything I had while completing internships, classes, and most of all, my school work,” Brooke remembered.

During post-graduation interviews, Brooke utilized a portfolio that she created in her recreation administration class that included documents and collateral that she produced throughout her internships and recreation courses.

“I would encourage other students to gain as much experience in a variety of recreation categories,” she said. “I believe that because of my diverse internship experiences and part-time jobs, I didn’t have to settle for one area of recreation when I applied for jobs.”

Brooke recently put her coordination skills to good use when she became a member services recruitment and retention associate for the American Urological Association.

“So far this is my greatest accomplishment since graduation,” she said. “My portfolio and coursework from YCP helped me stand out above the competition. My manager told me that during the interview process, they loved looking at my portfolio and never had someone bring anything like it to an interview before.”

Pictured: Brooke at her own wedding on Sept. 3, 2011.

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