Evan Smith '05

Evan Smith '05

Evan Smith ’05 (York, Pa.) serves students who are asking big questions about spirituality, careers or relationships.

Evan, a philosophy grad, is a team leader with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, a national campus ministry organization. He trains and mentors younger InterVarsity staff at York College and Millersville University and assists with regional conferences and multi-campus projects in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“I receive so much satisfaction from seeing York College InterVarsity alumni go on to become leaders in their communities, their churches and the marketplace,” he said. “Students I've mentored or trained have taken their York College education, along with a mature sense of God's calling and mission, into their careers in medicine, business, education, engineering, arts and dozens of other fields.”

While a student at York, Evan was grateful to be able to study under Dennis Weiss, Ph.D., because he forced him to think deeply and critically.

“Professor Weiss had high expectations of his students and made us work hard,” said Evan. “He challenged our assumptions and demanded intellectual rigor and honesty.”

After graduating from York College, Evan took an internship at InterVarsity, and then became a campus staff member. This summer he easily transitioned into his team leader position.

“Studying philosophy at YCP prepared me to honor deep questions and to teach others to do so too,” he said.

Evan is aware that philosophy majors are entering a tough job market and offers this advice.

“Many of us pursue graduate degrees in philosophy, law or even medicine,” he said. “My advice is to identify the kind of work you'd love to do and explore what steps you need to take to get there.”

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