Afton Heyler '09

Afton Heyler '09

Afton Heyler ’09 helps her students integrate art and math.

Afton, a secondary education mathematics grad, is in her fourth year as a tutor in Galeton Area School District in Potter County, Pa.

“I work with students of all ability levels,” she said. “I recently started helping students learn how to prepare for the Keystone Exams.”

Afton also recently worked with a group of art students to integrate art and math.

“The culminating project was one I couldn’t have imagined,” she said. “The students created paintings based on a visual interpretation of two-digit multiplication problems.”

Afton enjoys offering new and fresh explanations on math concepts when students “don’t get it” the way they were taught originally. 

“If I don’t have a different perspective immediately, I know by the end of the next day I can have one because of the network of teachers I am connected with through York,” she said.

While a student at York, Lorie DeMarco, a math instructor, was a constant from the moment Afton set foot on campus. From the simple to the complex, Lorie taught her to work through every obstacle thrown her way.

“She was always there for the tough stuff and to celebrate even the smallest successes,” she said.

Afton advises current students to move forward with high expectations and to always keep moving forward with the help of the resources at the College.

“You’re not going to find a better group of people to have on your side than the ones at York College,” she added.

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