Rebecca Yaple '12

Rebecca Yaple '12

Rebecca Yaple ’12 (Virginia Beach, Va.) was nominated for an award as a result of her hard work and dedication in teaching.

With degrees from York College in Secondary Education Mathematics and Mathematics, Rebecca went to Virginia Beach to become an associate teacher counselor at Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs, where she works in a small, co-teaching classroom with 10th grade students who are diagnosed as emotionally disturbed.

“Because of the small group setting, I am able to give more individualized attention,” she said.

Rebecca not only teaches the core classes of math, English, science and history, but also helps students to improve the interpersonal skills that many of them lack. As students progress and improve their behavior, Rebecca helps to reintegrate them back into public school.

“Being a first-year teacher, I wanted to step up to the challenge of working with these students, showing that the younger generations are not failing and becoming lazy, all while making learning fun for the students,” she said.

As a result of her hard work, Rebecca was able to reintegrate four of her students, which led to her nomination for the American Re-EDucation Association’s Teacher Counselor of the Year award.

“As small of a number as it is, it is an accomplishment to reintegrate even one,” she said. “It was an honor to be recognized for that.”

Much of Rebecca’s success can be attributed to York College professors such as Lorie DeMarco, David Kaplan and the late Amanda Himes, all who prepared her for entering the workforce.

“I strive to be like Professor Kaplan, so knowledgeable in the math area, but also a professor that students look up to,” she said.

Rebecca reminds those in the education field to always keep an open mind and stay away from the familiar.

“Take a chance, and apply to places outside of your comfort zone and even out of state,” she added.

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