Meghan Zavorski '07

Meghan Zavorski '07

Meghan Zavorski ’07 (Cedar Grove, N.J.) was thrilled and fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore career paths outside of her Elementary Education degree, while staying connected to the aspect that she loves most: children.

After graduating from York College, Meghan found herself as an office manager for a boutique call center, Premiere Response. She eventually received a personal recommendation from her boss for her current role at Ella’s Kitchen, Inc., an organic baby food company that focuses on using natural ingredients to promote the health of babies and toddlers.

“I am extremely honored to be recommended for a role with such a great company,” she said. “It is one of my greatest accomplishments since graduation.”

At Ella’s Kitchen, all employees are pushed to think like children to make the brand more relatable to the public. Therefore, even the departments are child oriented. Meghan wears a couple of different hats in a couple of the departments. With her title as "Makes the Tree-house Ship Shape," Meghan is able to explore all aspects of the business as office manager.  She has a large role in the “Giving Stuff Back” department, where she is in charge of running school trips. Ella's Kitchen believes in giving back to the community, especially the children.

“The school trips focus on taking young children to a farm so that they can learn about growing produce,” Meghan said.  “It by far is my favorite project. I am still able to work with and teach children.”

Michael McGough, D.Ed., taught Meghan her most memorable lesson at York College:  how to interview. Her favorite interview tip is to turn the interview into a conversation.

“Once you do that, it’s much easier to loosen up and talk about your prior experience and sell yourself,” she said.

Meghan’s advice to current students is to stick with your program because you never know what you could end up doing.

“Your career can take you anywhere,” she added.  “As long as you have a degree from York College, you can make it what you want.”

By Brittany Ryan '13, Office of Communications intern

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