Kayla Gursky '11

Kayla Gursky '11

Kayla Gursky ‘11 (York, Pa.) has spent the year since graduation helping the students in her special education classroom learn and grow more than she ever expected. As a special education preschool teacher for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12, Kayla described her job as both challenging and extremely rewarding.

“To look back at where each student was when he or she started and to see them now, the change is just phenomenal,” she said, giving an example of two students who were afraid of being in school at the beginning of the year. “Now they love school and are sad when it’s time to get on the bus and leave.”

Kayla said that one particular professor at York College motivated her in her pursuit of dual degrees in elementary and special education. “The most memorable professor that I had at YCP was Robert Lindsay. Hearing his stories has encouraged me to make the most of my career as a special educator.” Even now, Kayla said, Professor Lindsay continues to keep in touch and support her in her career. 

Kayla urges current education students not to give up on getting a full-time teaching job when they graduate, despite today’s tough economy. 

“If you cannot land your dream job, take any job you can that involves working with children. Become involved with school districts any way you can,” she suggested. “Even if a job is out of your comfort level, try it. You may end up loving it.”

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