Elyse Kauffman '03

Elyse Kauffman '03

Elyse Kauffman '03 (York, Pa.), who has been involved with not-for-profit organizations since before she even graduated, is now the director of development for the S. June Smith Center in Lancaster, an organization that provides support for children with disabilities.

"I had the opportunity to intern at two not-for-profit organizations while attending York College and really enjoyed the culture of these types of organizations," Elyse said. "I find my career both rewarding and challenging each day, as I help people connect with their passions by giving back to their communities."

Working with donors who are passionate about the organization to which they contribute is one aspect of Elyse's career that she particularly enjoys. "I am always looking forward to the next conversation with a donor, as I always walk away from it with more joy than when it began."

During her time as a public relations major at York, Elyse's two internships may have proved most influential, but her professor and advisor, Lowell Briggs, also provided valuable insight and encouragement. He has continued to be a positive mentor and friend to Elyse even now.

Elyse advises current students to volunteer and serve on local committees and boards. "Even if you aren't interested in not-for-profit as a career, it can be a tremendous resource to meet new people and network with those who care about your community."

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