Brian Adamson '08

Brian Adamson '08

Last year, Bryan Adamson '08 (York, Pa.) secured a job as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, the largest brokerage firm in the world, where he works with individuals to meet their investment and financial needs.

Behind his current success, however, lies a path full of challenges, setbacks and tough decisions that got him where he is today.

One of Bryan's riskiest decisions took place shortly after his graduation in 2008.

"There was no one really hiring at the time, so I decided to become an independent financial advisor with Waddell and Reed," he said. "I risked my entire life savings to become independent. It was incredibly scary for a twenty-three-year-old, baby-faced kid right out of college."

However, Bryan's decision and all of his hard work as an independent advisor paid off when he got a phone call from Merrill Lynch asking him to come to the firm last year.

Bryan credits one particular professor with sparking his initial interest in finance and investment during his years studying business administration at York College.

"Dr. James Forjan was an incredible mentor," he said. "The stories he told in class made me realize that the education he was providing me with could enable me to change the world."

For current students, Bryan has some simple but essential advice: "Network, network, network and never stop networking. This is a skill that you must learn, and the only way you learn is by doing."

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