Graham Lau '07

Graham Lau '07

Graham Lau ’07 (Boulder, Co.) was awarded a 2012 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship is helping Graham with his research on the biogeochemistry of sulfur-rich glacial springs in the polar regions of the Earth.

While he was a student at York College, Graham participated in the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. He also completed a summer internship with the NASA Academy at Ames Research Center. Both of these experiences aided him in preparing for graduate school and a career as a scientist.

“My experiences in scientific research were crucial to earning my research fellowship,” Graham said.

The YCP Biology department also helped prepare Graham for his graduate studies. His professors not only stressed the importance of tests and experiments, but also reading and writing skills.

“My professors focused on improving reading and writing skills in relationship to the sciences,” he said. “This has been of tremendous benefit in my professional career.”

Graham planned ahead, kept organized and considered his options before moving forward in his biology career.

“Try to make sure you're following your own path and not one put before you by someone else,” he advised. “You have many options for what you may do with your future. Be bold and take big steps when necessary.”

By Alaina Agnew '13, Office of Communications intern

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