Monique Brillhart '00

Monique Brillhart '00

Monique Brillhart '00 (Manassas, Va.) now helps the FBI solve crimes in her role as a latent print forensic examiner.

After examining evidence for fingerprints in criminal cases, Monique compares the prints she finds to those of known individuals and attempts to identify to whom they belong. In addition, she is also a training coordinator for new latent print forensic examiners and serves on the FBI’s disaster squad, where she attempts to identify the fingerprints of deceased victims from mass disasters. 

Monique, a biology graduate, said that one York College professor was particularly influential to her future career path. Sherry Brown, who taught many of the forensics classes Monique needed to fulfill her criminalistics minor, provided invaluable help with Monique’s senior thesis in forensics.

“She was an inspiration to my career planning and was instrumental in assisting me to obtain my dream job with the FBI laboratory,” she said.

Although she did not begin working for the FBI right after graduating from York, Monique never lost sight of that goal. While working for a pharmaceutical company, she began pursuing her master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University.

In 2004, Monique began working for the FBI, after undergoing a rigorous training process, extensive background checks and even a polygraph exam. 

“The entire process took almost a year, after which I was offered the job,” she said. 

Monique urges students not to give up when things get difficult.

“Continue to push through with immense drive, even when the path seems hard to travel,” she added. 

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