Bianca De La Cruz '11

Bianca De La Cruz '11

Bianca De La Cruz ’11 (York, Pa.) works for Crispus Attucks as a youth case manager, conducting classes on job readiness and life skills for young adults ages 17-21.

“Crispus Attucks is a nonprofit that provides education services, human services, community development and affordable housing that enhance the quality of life for a diverse population,” she said.

In her position, Bianca has the opportunity to give back to the York community.

“I attended high school in York and was blessed with the opportunity to have a full scholarship to York College as a participant in YCCOSP (York College Community Scholarship Program),” she said. “Serving the York community is my way of giving back in appreciation.”

Bianca, a behavioral science graduate, realized her love for nonprofit work during her internship at The Program, a center that organizes a work release program for women incarcerated at Dauphin County Prison in Harrisburg, Pa.

“I was responsible for conducting life skills training to women that were part of the work release program, as well as carrying out room searches and pat downs,” she said.

Bianca has fond memories of York College Professor Steve Jacob because of his energy and passion. “His classes were filled with discussion, debates and activities that related to real-life experiences and people.”

She recommends students network as much as possible.

“Keep in touch with your professors and do not be afraid to explore different employment opportunities because you never know where the world will lead you,” she said.

At the end of May 2012, Bianca stepped down as youth case manager at Crispus Attucks to continue her master’s degree in social work but will still be an active volunteer.

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