Amanda Bertram '06

Amanda Bertram '06

Amanda Bertram '06 (Abingdon, Md.) used her internship to decide what career path to take with her psychology degree.

“I would recommend an inpatient internship to anyone who is interested in working with patients with mental health disorders,” she said. “It will help you determine if you would like to work with this population. Either way, it will help you focus in on your career path.”

As an undergrad, Amanda completed her internship in the stabilization unit at Sheppard Pratt, a mental health hospital in Towson, Md.

“It was valuable to see real diagnoses in real life, on real people, and not just reading about it in books,” she said.

Amanda, who now has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, works at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a senior research program coordinator in the Division of General Internal Medicine. Her responsibilities include developing and carrying out research plans. She recently published several articles and is currently writing a paper.

“The paper is a description of the scholarship program for clinician educators at Johns Hopkins,” she said.

Amanda credits much of her success in graduate school to the education she received at York College. “I was heads above others with similar undergraduate degrees,” she said. “The knowledge I gained at York made me feel more confident in all of my classes.”

Amanda reminds psychology majors that, “even though the work is very difficult, it will pay off in the end.”

By Megan Black '12, Office of Communications intern

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