Cynthia LaFever '09

Cynthia LaFever '09

Cynthia LaFever ’09 (Fort Myers, Fla.) spent the last two years earning her master’s degree in clinical psychology and obtaining her dream job.

In September of 2011, she became a mental health therapist at AMIKids Crossroads Wilderness Institute, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help youth-at-risk and to protect the public in Southwest Florida.

“I learn a lot from my clients and from the people I work with,” Cynthia said. “It is rewarding to see the kids’ faces when they make connections and realizations about their life, and to see their behavior and attitude change as they start to become adults.”

While an undergraduate psychology major at York, she completed two internships – one at Penn-Mar Organization, Inc. and Adams-Hanover Counseling Services, Inc.

“At Penn-Mar I worked with individuals 18 and older who were diagnosed with mental retardation,” said Cynthia. “At Adams-Hanover, I worked with a partial-hospitalization population who were either coming out of being hospitalized for mental health issues, or those who were trying to work through issues without having to be hospitalized.”

When she graduated from York, she was prepared to enter into a master’s program and even used some of the same books.

“My knowledge of APA Style that I learned from YCP also helped with the master’s program requirements and papers,” she said.

She advised current students to use professors as resources and ask them questions about graduate school and possible careers.

“All the work that is necessary to graduate with a psychology degree is worth it!” she added. “The things you learn will help you so much in the future, so take advantage of it all.”

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