Jessica Yaden '09

Jessica Yaden '09

Jessica Yaden ’09 (York, Pa.) watched her life come full circle in a very short time.

Jessica, the Scoutreach Executive at Boy Scouts of America, hires York College students to work with the children in the Cub Scout After School Program she oversees. The Boy Scouts of America provides programs for young people that build character, train them in the responsibilities of participating in citizenship and developing personal fitness.

“Working with YCP students is a lot of fun, because I worked in the same after school Cub Scout program when I was an undergraduate student,” she said.

Jessica, a behavioral science grad, was recently promoted to her new position from Urban Emphasis Coordinator. She now runs after school programs in both York City and Harrisburg City.

 “Time management and good work ethic are some of the skills that I honed while at York College and have used in my career thus far,” she explained. “The Cub Scout After School Program has nearly 1,000 scouts, and I manage a staff of about 16. Without having a good work ethic, the desire and drive to make a difference, and time management and organizational skills, the program would not be as successful as it is today.”

 While at York, she was advised by Laura Steck, Ph.D., who ended up becoming her mentor.

 “I enjoyed her enthusiasm for her work and family,” she said. “Dr. Patricia Collamer was also a professor I enjoyed. Many students considered her tough, but I loved hearing her stories and enjoyed the challenging coursework. During my senior year I took a night class just so I could have her as a professor one more time.”

Before graduating, Jessica interned at Olivia’s House, a grief and loss center for children, where she currently volunteers.

“Make sure you know what you want to do with your degree and don’t give up,” she advised students. “There are employment opportunities out there!”

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