Our faculty members engage in interesting research projects, many of which involve students. Recent examples of such projects include:

  • Cracking Matrix Encryption Row by Row - a research project completed by a former York College student (Katherine Millward) working with Craig Bauer, Ph.D., that was published in the journal Cryptologia.
  • Representation Theory of Finite Groups - an independent study project completed by a current York College Student (Amanda Parshall) working with Haiping Yaun, Ph.D.
  • A Classification of Quadratic Rook Polynomials - a research project conducted with current York College students (Samantha Tabackin and Alicia Velek) working with Frederick Butler, Ph.D.

Please click on the name of a faculty member below to learn more about his or her research.

  • Craig Bauer, Ph.D.
    • Research Interests:  cryptography, combinatorics
  • Frederick Butler, Ph.D.
    • Research Interests:  combinatorics (specifically rook theory), mathematics education
  • Lorie DeMarco
    • Research Interests: effects of implementing best practice teaching strategies
  • David Kaplan, Ph.D.
    • Research Interests:  process education, curriculum development
  • Haiping Yuan, Ph.D.
    • Research Interests:  number theory