Statics landing page photo from FA14


This is the first basic engineering-science course required in the mechanical engineering curriculum at York College.  The course begins with a description of how the topic of Statics fits into the area known as Engineering Mechanics and then moves into six major areas of study.

  • vector algebra of forces and moments
  • free body diagrams and equilibria of particles and rigid bodies
  • centroids and centers of gravity
  • internal forces in trusses and frames
  • friction and aplications to machines
  • moments of inerta

At the end of the semester there is a Pasta Bridge Contest where the objective is to construct a bridge using only uncooked pasta and hot glue. 

1st place finish

2nd Place Finish

FA14 Pasta Bridge Competition - 1st Place Team

Austin Martin

Mark Roman

Caleb Abel


Team Photos

FA14 Team Photo Collage 1

FA14 Team Photo Collage 2

FA14 Team Photo Collage 3

2nd Place Team

Jonathan Yee

Nick Gunsaulis

Drew Chowhan