Machine Design Pellet Project photo

Machine Design

As a student in Machine Design you will investigate theories of failure of machine components, and thus learn to analyze and design components to predict and avoid failure. You will investigate static loading, fatigue loading, surface loading, and their associated modes of failure.

There is a semester project where you will be part of a team asked to design and build a specified device. The device design and operation objective will be evaluated at a competition at the end of the semester. The reliability and marketability will be measured in a written report and oral presentation.

Sawdust Pellet Project





Summer 2014 -- Sawdust Pellet Project

Students worked in teams to design and build a mechanism for pressing sawdust into pellets suitable for heating a grill.  For project details see Sawdust Press Specifications

Team Winners (pictured from L to R)

Brian Ghezzi

Joe O'Leary

Michael Risling

More photos from the competition!


Summer 2013 --  Grease Testing Samples Project

Student teams were tasked with designing and fabricating a device to prepare samples for testing grease based on customer provided constraints.  There were two sets of objectives for the design project:

  1. Device design and operation.
  2. A design that is reliable and marketable.

For more information see Grease Sample Specifications.

Check out photos from the project presentations.