Engineering Practice and Design Studio II (EPADS) is divided into three major components:

  1. The machine shop component will provide you with basic skills needed to operate lathes, mills, and welders. Shop safety and procedures will also be covered.
  2. The programming and electronic circuits component will cover the use of programmable microcontrollers to interpret data from various types of sensors, and use this information to control DC motors.
  3. And the project component will require you to design and build a simple electro-mechanical device that will perform a specified function subject to a set of pre-defined constraints. The project will make use of the topics covered in the other two components.

Additionally, you will be provided with an introduction to engineering and the engineering profession, the engineering design process, team development, communication skills, professionalism, ethics and problem solving methodologies.

Spring 2013 Winners - Team A4

(pictured from L to R)

Mackenzie Daubert

Alex Bogart

Christopher Roberts

Daniel Otradovec

Cameron Owens

SP13 EPADS II Teams A1 - B2

SP13 EPADS II Teams B3 - C4