Engineering Practice and Design Studio (EPADS) I is normally taken in the first semester of your freshmen year where you will be introduced to engineering and the engineering profession, the engineering design process, team development, communication skills, professionalism, ethics and problem solving methodologies.

EPADS I is divided into three major components:

  1. Computer Aided Design (CAD) consist of instruction using SolidWorks, a popular commercial solid modeling package used to create solid models as well as multi-view, isometric, and sectional drawings. Drawing practices including dimensioning and tolerancing will also be covered.
  2. The electronics component of the course will introduce a variety of sensors and actuators and how they interface with a microcontroller.
  3. The machine shop component will provide you with basic wood and metal working skills.

Game of Throws winners

Mechanical Engineering Module I
Project -- Game of Throws

Projectile motion is a commonly occurring situation, whether it be a golf ball struck by a club, the water leaving a water fountain, or an object thrown by a medieval weapon. For this project, working in teams of 2 or 3 students, you are required to design, build, and demonstrate a device that will propel a tennis ball toward a fixed target.

Fall 2013 Team Winners 

(pictured from L to R) 

Andrew Warburton
Shane Nagle
Nick Worley

Fall 2013 Team Photos


Electrical & Computer Engineering Module

The electronic component teaches basic concepts of electricity such as power, current, switches, and motor usage. Students learn to operate a simple YCP-designed robot using various types of video-game style controllers. As the module continues, students are exposed to the basic concepts of control theory, which they practice using an instructor-designed gantry system that tries to remain level at all times.

The final "event" of the module is a game-show style competition where teams of students have 150 seconds to get as many grams of steel weight from one end of the course to the other while following certain rules.

See photos from the final "event"

1st half game-style competition