Dataforma App

Dataforma App is an application for the Apple iPhone and iOS compatible devices. The application is for the software company Dataforma, which supplies database solutions and web-based interfaces to roofing companies. The app allows users to view work order and building details specific to their company. Users can also take pictures with the iPhone’s camera and upload them through the app. Comments can also be attached to uploaded images. Future additions include location-based services and auto-complete searching abilities.

This project was started in the Fall of 2010 for Senior Software Design Project I course and completed in the Spring of 2011 for Senior Software Design Project II, an elective course.

See student report Dataforma App Project report

Key features implemented in the initial version (Senior Software Design Project I) included:

  • Communicating with local server via web services
  • Validating user credentials
  • Allowing user to search for specific work order
  • Displaying details of work order including number, type, building, status, date, etc.
  • Allowing user to search for specific building
  • Display details of buildings including address, type, complex, etc.



The application was extended to include the following new features implemented in Senior Software Design Project II (see SP11 Dataforma  student report):

  • Allowing users to get direction to a building
  • Allowing users to have an easier search for a building
  • Allowing users to attach multiple pictures to a work order
  • Allowing users to comment on attached pictures
  • Upload attached pictures to server