Project Arcturus

Project Arcturus a three-dimensional space combat game for the PC and a continuation of the Fall 2010 semester work. The goal of Project Arcturus was to create a game that employs many of the features seen and used in modern video games through proper software engineering practices. The result is a game that allows the player to fly around and interact with a three-dimensional world through the use of a keyboard and mouse. While in this world, the player faces challenges which impede his or her progress.

Previously, a solid game engine was created and served as the basis for implementing new features and expanding upon the gameplay. These new features include intelligent enemies, advanced graphics, increased performance, better user interface, and in general, better gameplay.

Project Arcturus is written in C++ to allow for an object oriented architecture. Graphics are rendered using DirectX10 because it provides the ability to incorporate advanced shader techniques. Game models and texturing were created using 3ds Max and Blender.

Fall 2010 Team

Andy Eyster, Brian Peters, Ben Schuon, Megan Sulewski

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Spring 2011 Team

Andy Eyster, Brian Peters, Adam Reifsneider, Ben Schuon, Megan Sulewski

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