Pasta Bridge Competition

Student Projects

Our students participate in various projects throughout the year. This year's projects include mobile robots made from LEGO Mindstorm components, automated filling devices, pasta bridges, a racecar and a robot.


As an engineering major you are required to complete a number of engineering design projects as members of a design team. Engineering design projects begin in the freshman year as part of the EPADS I and EPADS II courses and finish in the junior/senior year as part of Capstone Design I and Capstone Design II courses.

Projects include creative conception, design, fabrication, testing, and performance of a physical system or component. Written reports and oral presentations are generally required, the latter being made before a group of faculty, students, project sponsors, parents, and visiting evaluators from local industry.

Engineering Practice and Design Studio (EPADS)

Capstone Design Projects

Statics Projects

Machine Design Projects


Computer Science

As a computer science senior you will be part of a project working on your Senior Software Project I. Each team will complete a substantial project provided by sponsors drawn from both industry and research organizations.  

Senior Software Design II is a continuation of Senior Software Project I provided the project is considered to be large enough to warrant two full semesters of project activity.

Senior Software Projects

  • Pro-Sauce Game Editor(Fall 2011) A game editing system designed to allow non-programmers to create two-dimensional games.
  • YCP Robot (Fall 2011) Software developed to make an X80SVP robot autonomous by controlling the robot using a wandering behavior that avoids obstacles.
  • Dataforma App (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011) An application for the Apple iPhone and iOS compatible devices. The application was developed for Dataforma Incorporated, a software company which supplies database solutions and web-based interfaces to roofing companies. 
  • Simple Social Networking Site (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011) Our Simple Social Network was developed to help make being part of an online community easier and more enjoyable.
  • Project Arcturus (Fall 2010 and Spring 2011) A three-dimensional space combat game for the PC using a keyboard and mouse.