Engineering Scholarships

York College Endowment Scholarships

Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information and for other scholarship possibilities.  Note: You must complete the FAFSA application to be considered for the York College Endowment scholarships.

  • The Rodger and Joyce Arnold Scholarship Fund was established in 2000. The scholarship is awarded to an engineering student with preference given to married students of non-traditional age.
  • The Johnson Controls James T. Dresher Scholarship was established in 1995 by York International Corporation to honor Mr. Dresher, former Chairman of the Board.  This scholarship may be awarded to students majoring in either Mechanical Engineering or Business.
  • The Johnson Controls Dr. Michael R. Young Scholarship, established in 2004, in recognition of Dr. Young’s accomplishments and contributions as Chief Executive Officer of York International. The fund supports two initiatives of great interest to Dr. Young: The York Future Leaders Scholarship Program and the Mechanical Engineering Program at York College of Pennsylvania.
  • H. Dietz Keller Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 1993 by his family and friends. Mr. H. Dietz Keller was a supporter of education, and trained as an engineer and built a business in his community which enabled many people to find good employment. This scholarship shall be awarded annually to a student(s) majoring in engineering.
  • The Semmelman Engineering Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by Jean Semmelman in 1997 and may be awarded to students majoring in engineering.
  • The Paul Wojciechowski Scholarship Endowment Fund was established by his colleagues on the occasion of his retirement in 2005. While many people had a hand in the development of the Mechanical Engineering program at York College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Wojciechowski was clearly its first academic leader.
  • The Harry E. and Sadie M. Zumbrun Memorial Engineering Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 by the Morehouse Instrument Company, founded in York in 1920. Eligible students must be a full-time student and enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program or the Electrical & Computer Engineering program.
  • The Henry A. and Margery E. Zumbrun Scholarship Fund was established in 2007 by Henry A. Zumbrun and is awarded to a full-time student in either the Mechanical Engineering or Electrical & Computer Engineering program.

Annual Engineering Society Scholarships